So these two photographs were taken a few days apart but taken concurrently.  I wouldn’t have linked them if they hadn’t appeared one after another.

One is an empty cocoon of comfort onboard a plane and the other is an abandoned baby carrier a few hundred years from a migrant camp in Germany.

I am tempted to get all preachy but “chance” says it all.


Cockelling November 2010

The New Brighton (UK) cockel beds have been closed for many years. But when opened up in November 2010 a small army of workers appeared. Predominately Welsh and Polish these men worked long after dark, filling large sacks of cockels by sifting and washing the sand. These sacks would then be collected by speeding mini-tractors.

Technically a Lumix 3, RAW and converted to B&W

Son of Frank plays in New Brighton

Mr Zappa’s boy, Dweezil,visits the north west (UK) yet again.  This time the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton.  I have to say that seeing a band play in a theatre stuffs an arena any time, pubs are probably the best place, but I do like a sit down.  17/11/12

I’ve tagged these images as B&W when clearly they aren’t. But most of them contained an enhanced B&W layer that was then blended back to increase local contrast. So that’s why.